UPDATE: The school district said this on Wednesday: “Thank you to our entire community for all the information provided regarding this incident. At this time we believe we have identified the individuals responsible for the vandalism at Catawba Ridge High School.”

Fort Mill Police Maj. Bryan Zachary said no charges have been brought forth, at this time. The investigation is ongoing, he said.


After a second incident of vandalism at Catawba Ridge High School, the district announced a $500 reward for information leading to the arrests of the individuals responsible.

In the latest incident at 2 a.m. Sunday, the suspects spray-painted school property with vulgar messages, set fire to soccer equipment and burned part of a practice field.

Surveillance photos appear to show three young white males in hoodies. The images were released by the school district in a press release on Tuesday morning.

This is the second incident believed to be caused by these individuals. According to a Fort Mill police report, vandals hit the school on the evening of Nov. 22 when someone spray-painted a penis on the roadway behind the stadium as well as vulgar sexual language on the maintenance storage room and more on a light pole.

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On Sunday’s incident, an officer found the soccer net on fire at practice field #2. Officer N.H. Helvey also observed the sidewalk, roadway and a brick building had been vandalized with spray paint. The fire department responded to extinguish the fire and make sure the burnt grass on the field was safe, a report says.

“There were multiple locations around the parking lot that had been spray painted with vulgar and inappropriate language,” the police report said.

The school district is offering a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest of the individuals responsible.

“We ask that anyone with information please contact Officer Ratliff with the Fort Mill Police Department at 803-835-5238 or Catawba Ridge High School Principal Darren Wilson at 803-835-5212,” a press release says.

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