Sean Malone of Fort Mill is shown in the Grenadine Islands, where he has mobilized an emergency response team in the aftermath of Hurricane Beryl.

A Fort Mill man is leading an emergency response team to the Grenadine Islands in the aftermath of Hurricane Beryl.

Sean Malone is founder of Crisis Response International. His team is on the ground assessing the extensive damage and delivering essential supplies to the devastated communities.

Hurricane Beryl has left a catastrophic impact on the Grenadine Islands, with over 90% of homes destroyed in an already impoverished region. The destruction has created an urgent need for basic necessities and support.

Malone and the CRI team are actively working to address these needs by distributing emergency supplies, including water filters, solar lights, emergency food, and other critical items. Their efforts are focused not only on providing immediate relief but also on offering emotional and spiritual care to the affected residents.

“The scale of destruction here is overwhelming,” Malone said. “We are committed to bringing hope and essential aid to these communities as they begin the long process of recovery.”

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See the damage in this video below:

YouTube video

In addition to their current deployment, CRI has scheduled two more missions to the region on July 10 and July 13. These upcoming deployments will focus on Mayreau and Union Island, where the need for responders and financial support remains critical.

Crisis Response International is a non-profit organization dedicated to equipping and deploying volunteers to respond to disasters and crises worldwide. CRI provides training, support, and resources to those in need, bringing hope and healing to communities in the wake of tragedy.

CRI is seeking donations to fund these crucial deployments. Contributions will directly support the relief efforts and help bring vital supplies and care to those in need. Malone describes the needs in this video:

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