James Moses

   A Fort Mill man accused of violating a no-contact order with his ex-wife begged deputies to kill him Sunday as they arrested him, according to a sheriff’s report.

   James Antwan Moses, 46, of Counselors Way, was charged with resisting arrest and violating conditions of his bond.

   The suspect’s ex-wife called authorities Sunday and said Moses had come to her residence uninvited, violating conditions of a bond in a previous domestic violence arrest. She said he had a knife that he had been using to cut chicken.

   Moses was not cooperative when deputies asked to him to come outside of the residence at Fox Hunt Farms apartments. Later, he continued resisting when officers got inside and approached the suspect, who is 6’4” tall and 230 pounds, a report says.

   He refused to put his hands behind his back after being told he was under arrest for violating bond restrictions. 

   “No,” Moses said, locking his arms out and refusing to comply.  “Kill me, kill me.” 

   According to a report, three deputies continued to give the suspect verbal commands as he and the deputies transitioned to the ground, landing on top of a plastic tote. Moses continued to curl his hands in front of himself and interlocked them, repeating his desire to be killed. 

   As deputies gained control of Moses’ right arm, he started yelling, “Break it, break it, kill me,” a report says.

   A deputy was eventually able to secure Moses in handcuffs behind his back and put him in a seated position. That is where the suspect threatened to spit in a deputy’s face.  Because Moses complained that his arm and shoulder were hurt, he was taken to Piedmont Medical Center for treatment before his trip to jail.