(Photo credit: Carowinds)

Carowinds just announced two big new additions to its Fort Mill park for next year.

Water slide racing will splash into Carowinds’ Carolina Harbor in 2020 with next summer’s debut of Boogie Board Racer. The theme park is promoting the water attraction as “the longest mat racing slide in the Southeast” with a “high-speed, high-thrill experience.”

Six racers will zoom through their own chutes with some enclosed and others open to the sun. It will feature a 360-degree loop before a sudden drop into a splashdown finish.

According to Carowinds officials, Boogie Board Racer will be the first new attraction in Carolina Harbor waterpark since it opened in 2016.

(Photo credit: Carowinds)

Also coming next summer: Every day from June 13-July 5, 2020, Carowinds will hold a Grand Carnivale, which the park describes as “a larger-than-life cultural celebration.”

The Carnivale will feature “an electrifying vibe of our Spectacle of Color Parade,” a procession that reflects cultural traditions from around the globe. There will be floats, street performers and pulsing rhythms.

“This parade promises to enchant and delight — especially as the day slips into night and the sky radiates with a dazzling array of lights that takes on a life of its own,” the theme park said on its website.