Colored trash bins used to recycle paper, plastic and glass. Digital illustration.

   Beginning Sept. 1, the Town of Fort Mill will work with Waste Pro USA to take recyclables to York County’s recycling facility.

This brings a few changes to the types of items residents can place in your recycling cart, including:

   • Glass can no longer be placed in the cart, though residents can bring glass to one of York County’s Solid Waste & Recycling Centers (Baxter Center at 1731 Highway 160, or Fort Mill East Center at 1390 East Hensley Road at Fort Mill Parkway).

   • Only plastics marked with #1 or #2 that are in jug, jar or bottle shapes can be recycled. All other plastic types and sizes should go in your trash.

   • ALL recyclables should be rinsed clean. All items that aren’t rinsed should go in the trash, including greasy pizza boxes.

   For more information, please read the Recyclable Items flyer below and visit the Public Works section on the town’s website.

According to town officials, it only takes a small amount of prohibited or dirty items to cause the entire truckload of recyclables to be rejected and instead taken to a landfill, which increases costs for the town.