Authorities say a thief who previously stole a backpack and four weapons from Cabela’s in Fort Mill returned last Friday later and took a $799 dog collar.

Authorities are asking for help identifying this shoplifter. On June 2, the white male, possibly in his 30s, wearing a green shirt, black shorts and a grey camo-style hat, stole three knives, a pellet air pistol and a black backpack from Cabela’s in Fort Mill (See video below). The suspect concealed the items in the backpack and walked out of the store.

The TT15 MINI was built for super small hunting dogs that have a hard time wearing the larger, standard TT15 collar. It’s perfect for beagles, squirrel dogs, smaller flushing and pointing breeds and terriers.

Last Friday, the same suspect stole a Garmin Alpha 100/TT mini dog collar valued at $799. He reportedly entered a four-door silver vehicle that may may been a 2012 model, authorities said.

If you have information on his identity, please call Crime Stoppers of York County 1-877-409-4321.

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