Steven Weiler is show in this screenshot of his public Twitter video. See a Video clip below.

A Fort Mill developer has filed a police report of harassment by a local man with a history of complaints against him.

   Jodi Mosser, of “New Homes by Taylor Morrison,” told police last week that Steven Weiler began calling their office in April, accusing employees of taking his sign that he placed at 134 Dudley Drive, which is one of their model homes in the Massey subdivision. 

   “Weiler has repeatedly called the business, using obscenities and leaving voicemails,” a FMPD report says. “Weiler posted a video stating a deadline of May 22, 2019, to give the sign back and was observed driving around the business.”

   Mosser said the persistent communication serves no purpose and caused employees a lot of emotional distress. On May 21, Weiler was issued a trespass warning for 134 Dudley Drive, and he told officers that he would not go onto property. But he said he “would stand across the street from the property,” a police report says.

   The complaint comes amid ongoing tension between Weiler and Doby’s Bridge Elementary School, where he is also banned from trespassing. The local resident is the same man who made headlines last year after Uber banned him from some airport trips for having pro-Trump decorations on his car.

   The Fort Mill controversy has been broiling for months. On April 24, DBES Principal Amanda Kubbs told police that a political sign was posted near the Dragons Way entrance by the school sign. She said she believed Weiler put it there due to past issues with the school. He had driven around the school and complained about how teachers parked, despite him not having any children that attend Doby’s Bridge.

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   A police report spells out the likely fate of the political sign: “The political sign was observed by the entrance which led to police notifying Fort Mill Code Enforcement and the Massey subdivision land developer Taylor Morrison in regards to determining which property jurisdiction the posted sign fell on for removal.”

    Taylor Morrison officials later confirmed to police that the sign fell on their property. They said they planned to dispose of it.

   Weiler, who lives near the school on Monteray Oaks Circle, has since posted videos on his Twitter account demanding the sign back and discussing his issues with the school district. He begins the video by talking about a meeting with Fort Mill Police Chief Jeff Helms. (Video Warning: Obscene language is used.)

YouTube video

   Meanwhile, police have told the DBES school principal to alert parents of what to do if they spot Weiler on school property. Officers said parents should call the Fort Mill Police Department right away in order for officers to have a quicker response.

Greg "Ricky Bobby" Rickabaugh has lived in the Fort Mill and York County community since 2006. He has covered the area while a reporter for The Charlotte Observer and a freelance writer for The Fort Mill...