Two local residents have been arrested at Kingsley Town Center in Fort Mill following unrelated cases involving a DUI wreck and a passed-out driver with lots of marijuana and cash.

Paul Matthew Leister (FMPD photo)

According to Fort Mill police reports, released this week, Paul Matthew Leister, 31, was extremely drunk June 30 when he wrecked his Jeep Wrangler into another vehicle outside Carolina Ale House.

A responding officer asked the Fort Mill man if he was wiling to undergo a field sobriety test after wrecking into the victim’s Honda CRV. But Leister said there was no point “due to him being wasted,” a report says.

At police headquarters, Leister blew a .26 BAC, which is over three times the legal limit for driving. He was charged with DUI first offense.

The next day, Nicholas Matarelli was found asleep in the driver’s seat of a Chrysler 300 in a parking lot along Textile Way. It was 12:49 a.m. July 1.

The driver side door was open and the engine was running as the man slept. The officer also noticed “a strong odor of marijuana,” a report says.

Nicholas Matarelli (FMPD photo)

Officer Reif was finally able to wake the driver, who said he was tired and had recently left work. A search of the suspect and his car turned up 50 grams of marijuana and over $8,700 in cash, which was seized.

Matarelli, 27, was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.