Fort Mill police charged a 15-year-old girl with bringing a taser on school property after the handheld device was activated on a Nation Ford High School bus.

The juvenile, who was not named, was suspended from school and charged with possession of a weapon on school grounds in relation to the Oct. 1 incident. No one was injured.

According to a police report, the bus driver heard the stun gun activate and turned the bus around to return to Nation Ford High School, where the bus was cleared. A bus video shows that the girl realized that the bus was turning around and tried to hide the taser in a pencil box, handing it to another student. But authorities later traced it back to her using the surveillance video.

Original story:

Fort Mill school officials are investigating who brought a taser on board a Nation Ford High School bus on Tuesday.

During the afternoon route, the driver was made aware there may be a taser on the bus, said Communications Officer Joe Burke.

“The driver immediately contacted the transportation department to notify the district of the issue and returned to the school,” a school statement said. “The school administration and SRO were notified and met the bus upon returning. A taser was found and confiscated by the SRO.”

All students were transferred to another bus to be transported home.

School officials do not currently know who is responsible for bringing the taser on board. The administration is conducting an investigation.

“Those involved will face disciplinary action,” the school district said. “Safety is our top priority and these types of actions will not be tolerated.”

Parents of bus riders were notified of the incident, Burke said.

Fort Mill police are involved in the investigation, taking possession of the hand-held taser, which was abandoned by whoever brought it on the bus, a spokesman said.