A fourth-grade class poses at Doby's Bridge Elementary School, where they were learning about frog anatomy through dissection. (Contributed photo)

Fourth graders at Doby’s Bridge Elementary School have been learning about frog anatomy this month.

Using a grant, the students have been able to dissect frogs with the help of teachers and parent volunteers.

“Only one frog had fertilized eggs which they got to see,” parent Jenna Marie said about students in Janelle Warren’s class.

Student Via Petri

The parent said she loves seeing the kids go from barely wanting to touch the frogs with tools to really digging in and grabbing every organ by the end of the class.

“They were really focused and well-behaved,” Marie said. “Awesome job, Janelle Warren and DBES. Creating future scientists and surgeons. What an incredible opportunity for these young children to experience!!”