This is the ring that was found.

A Food Lion customer found a gold wedding ring in the Regent Parkway store and turned it into the manager, leading to a story that is going viral on Facebook.

Fort Mill couple Lauren and Gary Boatwright shared this picture of the ring in hopes of returning it to the owner. The ring is being held at the store.

“Believe to be size 11 but unsure,” the couple’s Facebook post says. “Initials are engraved MDY & CLP and there is a older date engraved as well. I believe it’s a older couples wedding ring.”

The Boatwrights ask the public for help in finding the ring’s owner after posting the photo on a page called “York County One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Their post has been shared over 400 times.

“If the owner is found, they will need to verify the date engraved,” the post says.

If the ring is yours, please return to the Food Lion store and ask for a manager.