A Fort Mill man charged last Sunday night with breaking into a customer’s car outside the Bojangles on Highway 21 has issued a statement, authorities said.

Dustin Bouchard, 34, says he had been drinking at the Panthers game and ended up mixing up his car with one that looked exactly the same.

Here is his statement:

The evening I was found looking inside of the Hyundai in the Ft. Mill Bojangles parking lot, was truly an honest mistake. I had been drinking alcohol at the Panthers game that afternoon.

I went into the gas station to get some snacks before I called an Uber to go home. Thats when I realized my apartment keys were not in my pockets. I walked outside to search for my keys, and when I saw the Black Hyundai Sonata across the parking lot I instantly thought it was mine and thought I may have left my apartment keys inside of it.

I walked up and casually opened the unlocked driver door with the intent to find my home keys. The next thing I heard from across the parking lot was, “HEY! What are you doing in my car?!”

That’s when I suddenly realized that it was  someone else’s vehicle which was an exact replica of my personal car.

I felt terrible, I tried to apologize, and offered to go buy the woman something from the gas station to make up for my foolish aberration. I even walked back into the QT to buy something for her.

I had no malicious intentions, caused no physical damage to the car, and did not take anything from the vehicle. I feel very upset that this took place at all, and I sincerely apologize to the people I probably scared that evening.

According to the sheriff’s office, Bouchard was observed by multiple witnesses entering the victim’s unlocked vehicle in the parking lot and looking around inside of the vehicle, according to a York County sheriff’s report. When confronted, he claimed he thought the vehicle was his. But the victim called the sheriff’s office and had him arrested.

Bouchard was charged with breaking into a vehicle.

Here are five other Fort Mill-area crimes investigated by the York County Sheriff’s Office:

Drunk Woman Slaps Deputy Outside AutoZone

A 25-year-old woman fought with deputies Friday while being arrested for being grossly intoxicated at the AutoZone on Highway 160 in Fort Mill.

Phoebe Armstrong “resisted arrest and attempted to kick deputies,” a sheriff’s report says. “A bag containing a quantity of Xanax was located in Armstrong’s purse after her arrest.”

Phoebe Armstrong (file mugshot)

Once officers got the woman to the jail, she continues resisting and fought with detention officers in the booking area. She even slapped one of the officers, a report says.

Armstrong was booked and charged with public disorderly conduct, assault officer while resisting arrest, assault & battery and possession of scheduled substances. Authorities say she is originally from Charleston but has an unknown address.

Fort Mill Traffic Stop Leads to Gun Charge

A Chester man was arrested on a weapons charge Sunday after deputies found him with a gun during a traffic stop for speeding.

La’Brian McCrorey, 25, was charged with unlawful carrying of a pistol. His mugshot was not available.

A deputy pulled him over at Exit 83 off the interstate for reckless driving and speeding. A handgun was observed in plain view at the driver’s feet, a sheriff’s report says. McCrorey did not possess a concealed weapons permit and was arrested.

Gunfire Reported Behind Harris Teeter on Stockbridge Drive

Deputies responded to gunfire early Monday in the back of the Harris Teeter on Stockbridge Drive.

They answered the call at 4 a.m. Monday and located five live 9mm rounds in the rear parking lot. No suspects were found. Officers seized the bullets as evidence.

Car Stolen as Thief Rummages Through Opened Vehicles in Regal Manor Subdivision

A Fort Mill woman had her Jeep stolen early Monday and several other residents reported that their cars were rummaged through. One neighbor caught a suspect on camera before an automatic light scared him off.

Neighbors camera image

The victim of the theft said her burgundy 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee was stolen early Monday on Durand Road. She said she didn’t usually leave her keys in her vehicle, but she could not find them.

A neighbor captured a man approaching vehicle in their yard, but the suspect immediately turned away and left when a garage light came on.

A resident on Laurent Avenue also said her vehicle was rummaged through, and she found the glove boxes and arm rests open.

Other car break-ins were also reported on Redcoat Drive, Pine Tree Drive, and Becker Avenue. Among the items stolen included a work laptop, black purse, credit cards, driver’s license, concealed weapons permit, a Chucky doll, and car keys.

Gunfire Follows Shooting Outside QuikTrip on Carowinds Boulevard

Deputies responded to the QuikTrip at 265 Carowinds Boulevard on Monday night for multiple reports of gunfire.

“Officers arrived on scene to find 9 shell casings in the parking lot, but no victim or suspect,” a sheriff’s report says. “Officers found multiple witness’ and were able to review video footage. Video showed that there was some sort of an altercation and then a shooting.”

Greg Rickabaugh

Greg "Ricky Bobby" Rickabaugh has lived in the Fort Mill and York County community since 2006. He has covered the area while a reporter for The Charlotte Observer and a freelance writer for The Fort Mill...