Shavaughna Miller was charged with assault and battery 3rd degree

An Amazon driver was arrested Saturday in Fort Mill following a violent altercation with a man and woman that resulted in flying fists and pepper spray, according to a sheriff’s report.

Shavaughna Miller, 22, of Davidson, N.C., was charged with assault and battery in the third degree.

A man and woman from Pineville were driving around looking at houses Saturday afternoon on Hosta Drive in Fort Mill, which is not far from Flint Hill Baptist Church. Maria Cecilia Oreta Collins, 58, and Patrick Ryan Collins, 42, told a York County deputy that they were cut off by the Amazon delivery ​truck.

From a sheriff’s report: “Maria stated that Patrick was driving and decided it was best to honk at Shavaughna which incited Shavaughna to honk back at them. ​According to video evidence that was recorded by Maria,​ Shavaughna was sitting in her delivery truck in one of the neighborhoods that Patrick and Maria were riding through when they noticed that Shavaughna was sitting in her truck. Maria rolled down her window and started recording as Patrick pulled the car beside the truck. What could be seen in the video was Shavaughna getting out of the truck while Maria repeatedly asked if she worked for a well known delivery company,​ and then Shavaughna slapping the phone out of Maria’s hand. After that,​ the camera falls on the ground and Maria and Patrick stated that Shavaughna started trying to throw punches which made Patrick pepper spray Shavaughna thus getting pepper spray on the delivery ​truck.”

The Amazon driver sped off in her truck to another house to rub the pepper spray out of her eyes. Ms. Collins confronted her and accused her of kicking her husband’s Tesla, but there was no evidence of damage, the sheriff’s report says. Miller then struck ​Ms. Collins with closed fists repeatedly until Mr. Collins ran over from his vehicle and broke them up, the report says. Miller then drove away.

​Miller was eventually located at 269 Flint Hill Road, where she was arrested. ​The delivery truck was turned over to the shipping company’s manager, the report says.

Deputy Romanov Jean observed a minor injury to Ms. Collins in the shape of a walnut which was swollen on the left side of her forehead.

Here are other Fort Mill-area reports from the York County Sheriff’s Office:

Friday, January 22, 2021

Use Without Consent-Traffic stop-Hwy 160/Munn Rd. Fort Mill City advised of a FLOCK hit on a 2006 Ford Freestyle reported stolen. Fort Mill City and YCSO located the vehicle and observed the suspect from the original case, Amber Filliben, operating the vehicle. Filliben was arrested and the vehicle towed by Colemans. Warrants served and Deputy Frame notified.

Stolen Vehicle- CMPD found a vehicle crashed on Brookshire Freeway and it came back registered to a Fort Mill woman who lives on South First Street. Deputies met with the woman, who stated that she didn’t realize her vehicle was stolen. She believes she left the keys inside the vehicle.

Saturday, January 23, 2021

B&E Auto-Crown Ridge Drive – A victim stated someone entered her 2013 Acura MDX during the night and took her wallet containing various credit cards. No video could be located. No latents found. Vehicle was unlocked.

B&E Auto-Hawks Creek Pkwy- A victim stated someone entered his 2009 Volkswagen Passat during the night and took a Samsung 8.0 tablet. Video obtained showing suspect with gloves. No latents found. Vehicle was unlocked.

B&E Auto-Blowing Rock Cove- A victim stated someone entered his 2020 Subaru and took a Sig Sauer P938 9mm. Has infrared cameras but not triggered. No latents found. Vehicle was unlocked.

Fraud- Regent Pkwy-Waffle House. Management reported an employee took 2 suspicious tips totaling $850 dollars from the same customer on two separate transactions. When questioned, the worker stated she did not know the customer, but video showed her hug the B/M when he entered the restaurant. Waffle House was not able to advise who the victim was based on the transaction receipt. Report done to document.

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Stolen Vehicle -Embassy Drive – The victim stated her ex-boyfriend came over to her apartment to talk. She stated that after speaking she asked him to leave her apartment. A while later, she reported that she heard her vehicle, a 2008 Saturn Outlook, crank up in the parking lot and witnessed it leave the apartment complex. She stated that she checked her keys and discovered that a spare key had been removed by her ex while he was in the apartment. The vehicle was entered stolen and a warrant was obtained for Grand Larceny.

Larceny – 265 Carowinds Blvd. Fort Mill, SC (QT) – An unknown black male entered the store and hopped the security railing. He proceeded to shove packs of Marlboro Red cigarettes into his pants. The male stole approximately 20 packs valued at $140. The male also stole two cases of cigarillos valued at $30. Suspect left toward I-77 in a silver in color Hyundai displaying NC Tag TDV 4848. No contact was made with CMPD at the residence.

Greg Rickabaugh

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