A man exposed himself to a trail-walker last weekend at the Anne Springs Close Greenway and ended up at the hospital for a possible drug-induced delusion.

   According to a Fort Mill police report, 32-year-old Jonathan Boyd of Charlotte was reportedly running through the Greenway trails near Springfield Parkway while cursing and requesting help. A male witness said the suspect approached him with his pants down, exposing his genitals while claiming people were after him.

   The witness fled the area and called the cops for help. While police searched for the man, dispatchers received several more calls about him.

   Cops located the man near Steel Street, where he had entered a man’s vehicle before the man could lock it. Officers got Boyd to exit the vehicle and talk to them.

    “Boyd appeared to be confused, lethargic and under the influence of an unknown narcotic,” the officer’s report says. “Boyd’s change of behavior became peaceful and then confrontational as Officer Eaches requested EMS.”

   Paramedics checked the man’s vitals, revealing a higher-than-normal heart beat. The officer believed he was possible a harm to himself or others and placed him in emergency protective custody, the report says. He was taken to Piedmont Medical Center for evaluation.

    The incident came almost two months after Fort Mill police arrested a man who allegedly exposed himself at an evening concert at The Greenway. Mark Steven McCray, 57, was charged with indecent exposure in that case.

   In that case, a Greenway member alerted an employee last Thursday that she saw a white male had been “in the band stand masturbating with his penis out,” a police report says.