A Fort Mill woman found a tracking device under her vehicle and blamed her estranged husband for putting it there, according to a police report.

   The woman filed a harassment report on Monday, saying she located a small black box on the undercarriage of her vehicle.

   She told police that she believed her estranged husband placed the box there when the two exchanged items for their children at a local elementary school on Monday morning. 

   “While they were moving items from vehicle to vehicle, he crouched down on the passenger side of her vehicle and she heard a metallic click,” a police report says. “She confronted him about the noise and he advised that he had dropped his keys next to his vehicle.”

TRACKi device as advertised on Amazon.com

   An officer located the box and removed it, identifying it as a TRACKi mobile tracker that was magnetized to the vehicle.

   She told the officer that her estranged husband has been upset with her since he was court-ordered to pay child support and he was given less time with the children in Family Court. The couple separated in 2019.

   The report does not indicate that any arrest was made.