On Monday, Fort Mill residents can start casting in-person absentee ballots at the Fort Mill Community Center, where there are seven options for three school board seats.

   In alphabetical order, candidates include Anthony Boddie, Dr. Scott Frattaroli, Hazel Frick, Desareta Jones, Dr. Nichelle Newton, Takesha Pollock and Kristy Spears. Dr. Frattaroli and Spears are both incumbents running for re-election.

   Below are links to earlier profile stories on each candidate.

   Remember that the York County Voter Registration and Elections Office announced two extension offices opening in October for voters to cast an in-person absentee ballot.  The main office in York at the Government Center, 6 S Congress Street opened Oct. 5 for in-person absentee. The Fort Mill Community Center opens Oct. 12 (Monday), and it is located at 1011 Talbot Drive.

   The Fort Mill offices will have Saturday hours and the two extension offices will have evening hours available as well. Voters need to only bring their valid photo ID in order to cast their ballot.

    For those voters choosing to vote absentee by-mail, they will be able to either use the provided envelope in their ballot packet to return their absentee ballot or hand deliver their ballot at any one of the offices during open hours. For a full listing of absentee voting locations, dates, and hours, please visit www.yorkcountygov.com/vote.

Links to Earlier Candidate Profiles for School Trustees

Anthony Boddie

Dr. Scott Frattaroli

Hazel Frick

Desareta Jones

Dr. Nichelle Newton

Takesha Pollock

Kristy Spears

Greg Rickabaugh

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