Rhonda Metze, 53, was charged with simple assault & battery

   A Fort Mill woman proudly confessed to beating up her older neighbor during a dispute over a garage he was building, according to a Fort Mill police report.

   “I kicked his a**,” suspect Rhonda Metze, 53, told police.

   The woman’s neighbor told police that Metze came on his porch on Aug. 25. She “knocked on the door, used profanity and assaulted him,” he said. The victim, 65, said Metze punched him in the face and then pushed him down on the porch, the police report says. The punch knocked off his glasses and separated the lenses.

   The victim said the altercation was over a new garage that he was building, which is located between their two properties on Link Street. The suspect told police that her neighbor didn’t have permission to build the garage. She also claimed it was being built on her side of the property.

   When asked if she assaulted her neighbor, Metz said she had, declaring, “I kicked his a**.” She even described elbowing him and pushing him down. She told police that she might have even punched him in the face.

   “Metze claimed that she didn’t feel bad for assaulting (him) and it felt good to do so,” a report says. She said they bickered for 10 years and he has called the cops on her dogs barking.

   The victim suffered minor scratches to both arms and redness to the face. Metz was charged with simple assault & battery in the third degree.