In response to the unique schedule of the 2020-2021 school year, the Anne Springs Close Greenway has created the Greenway Discovery School to help meet the needs of families in the Fort Mill School District and beyond, according to a press release.

Located at the Greenway’s Adventure Center, this alternate day program will offer middle school students (Grades 6–8) utilizing the in-school A/B schedule the opportunity to spend their non-school day in a structured, fun environment. (See flyer below)

Staffed by Greenway camp and childcare employees, the Greenway Discovery School will provide children with several different academic and recreational opportunities each day.  Through both technology and the staff direction, students will be kept on track academically and participate in numerous elective programs in a full and productive day, the Greenway said in a press release.

With a COVID plan in place that follows necessary CDC guidelines including additional sanitation measures, health screenings and a priority to be outside, the Greenway plans to provide a space where parents can feel comfortable that their children are being kept as safe as possible.

“Our staff is eager to offer this new way of learning in response to the challenges this year’s school schedule has presented to so many families,” explained Lindsey Arnautovic, Operations Director for the Anne Springs Close Greenway. “We believe the development of the Greenway’s Discovery School will help to ease concerns for parents choosing to send their children back for face-to-face instruction coupled with independent learning days. We are looking forward to offering children the assistance they need to stay on track academically, while being out on the Greenway for some much needed fresh air and physical activity.”

Highlights of the program include:

•  2,100 acres of outdoor space, including trails, ponds and more

•  Technology center

• Elective programs focusing on the arts, recreation, environmental education and cultural/global studies

• Structured environment with academic support

• Safe, small group interaction with peers

• Priority on consistently being outdoors

The Greenway Discovery School will operate on a trimester schedule, with the first trimester beginning August 31 and ending November 24. Students will attend on non-school days from 7:30am – 6:00pm.

The cost to attend is $120 per week regardless of A/B attendance days. Anne Springs Close Greenway members receive a 5% weekly discount.

For more information about this program and how to register, visit Financial assistance is available for this program through the Leroy Springs & Co. Bridge Program.

Here is a flyer: