Reco Truesdale (FMPD mugshot)

Beer thieves had made frequent targets of QuikTrip stores in Fort Mill, but police have finally busted one of them.

Reco Truesdale, 31, has been arrested for shoplifting – enhanced, which means he has a history of the crime. An incident report on the June 30 arrest was released this week.

According to police, an officer patrolling Tom Hall Street noticed the suspect carrying two cases of beer at 11:45 p.m. while walking away from the Highway 160 store. Aware of the man’s history of shoplifting, the officer went to the store and confirmed that someone had just walked out without paying for a case of Corona and a case of Busch.

The officer circled back around and found Truesdale trying to hide in the woods near Ashebrook Villas. He didn’t have a receipt, claiming he had paid by credit card. But he couldn’t produce a credit card either.

The beer was returned to the store and Truesdale arrested. He has a history of arrests in York County, including convictions for shoplifting, according to online records.

Other beer thieves have targeted other QuickTrip stores. Here is a recent wanted poster from the sheriff’s office: