A peaceful march is planned in Fort Mill at 12 noon on Thursday, according to a post being shared on Facebook.

The image tells supporters to meet at Walter Elisha Park for a march that will proceed downtown and up to Kingsley.

“We Wanna Show The Town WE ARE ONE,” says a second poster being shared. “Bring Signs and Loud Voices. We Wanna Be Heard & Seen!”

The Fort Mill Police Department said they have seen the posts.

“The Fort Mill Police Department will assist, as necessary, to ensure the safety of those gathered for the event,” Maj. Bryan Zachary said in an email.

Fort Mill residents Marquise Morris and Henry Herrer planned the event. They are both 22 and both graduates of Nation Ford High School.

Morris said the march is designed to seek justice for George Floyd while expressing love and unity in Fort Mill. “We are all one,” he said.

Mayor Guynn Savage released this statement through the town’s public relations manager:  “The Town of Fort Mill was contacted in regards to a planned peaceful march that has been organized for Thursday at noon.  The information provided indicated that the march will start at Walter Elisha Park, travel through downtown and end in the Kingsley area.  The Town of Fort Mill supports the right to peaceful assembly, and is committed to the safety of our community.”

Here are the posts: