Social media continues to play a big part in fights and threats being reported at local schools.

This week, the Fort Mill Police Department released three crime reports from February. Those incidents led to the arrest of five juveniles at Nation Ford and Fort Mill high schools.

Here is a summary:

  Threatening Messages on Snap Chat: A Fort Mill High School teen was arrested last month for posting threatening messages on Snap Chat.

   In the Feb. 17 message, the 15-year-old boy threatened bodily harm to two classmates.

   “This incident occurred after a fight during school” on Feb. 17, a police report says. 

   The next day, Officer J.L. Aiton was told about the post and met with the boy’s mother to make her aware of the allegations. The student was then arrested.

   NAFO Restroom Fight Posted on Social Media: Two students at Nation Ford High School were arrested after their restroom fight was posted on social media.

   The 14-year-old boys were called to the assistant principal’s office on Feb. 20 after news of their restroom fight reached the school staff. The two confessed to fighting at school, an argument that first started over the theft of a pair of shoes during an off-campus Super Bowl party.

   On Feb. 19, the two boys “agreed to meet up in the boy’s restroom and fight. They did fight and that fight was videoed and posted on social media,” a report says.

   Both students were charged as juveniles with assault & battery. They were suspended and released to their parents.

  Girls Fight at NAFO: Two Nation Ford High School students were arrested on Feb. 3 after fighting during a class change in the commons area near the cafeteria.

   An officer and two assistant principals rushed to break up the girls. A nurse was needed to clean up a facial scratch on one of the girls, according to a police report.

The fight was a continuation of an argument the week before when one girl didn’t like another girl “looking at her,” a report says. 

   The officer said the fight caused a “major disruption to school operations.” Both girls were charged as juveniles with assault & battery and public disorderly conduct. Both were also suspended from school and released to their parents.

Note: The Fort Mill Sun has requested school reports from the Fort Mill Police Department, which often takes time as they must get them from the schools and redact juvenile information. We pass along newsworthy reports after the FMPD releases them.