Contributed photo

Our readers asked us to find out what was happening at 417 Caddy Street in Fort Mill on Tuesday afternoon. They even sent this photo.

The York County Sheriff’s Office tells us that it was a domestic incident that ended without an arrest. Below is the deputy’s report. We have replaced names with initials:

On 3/3/2020, I responded to 417 Caddy St, Fort Mill, SC, in the County of York reference to a possible domestic dispute. When Deputy Anthony and Deputy Jordan arrived on scene, they witnessed a subject shut and lock the front door and also close all curtains and blinds to the residence. Deputies attempted to make contact with the parties in the residence. While outside the residence, Dep. Jordan and Dep. Anthony advised they could hear a female screaming in the residence. SOG units responded and after multiple attempts to get someone to come to the door to speak to deputies the York County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team was called out. SWAT members were able to get A.O. and M.P. to come out of the residence via the front door.

A.O. advised she did not know deputies were outside the residence. A.O. advised she did go outside to keep her boyfriend, E.C. from driving away in his vehicle due to him being intoxicated. A.O. advised she was able to get the keys away from E.C. and returned inside the residence. A.O. did advised that E.C. took her phone and threw it on the ground and that she also took his phone and threw it on the ground. A.O. advised no further domestic issues occurred.

M.P. advised he was in the house and was awaken to deputies knocking at the door. M.P. advised he asked A.O. why all the cops were outside. M.P. advised he didn’t see any of the domestic issues.

E.C. refused to come out of the residence or talk to deputies via telephone. E.C. is wanted out of North Carolina but North Carolina would not extradite. Based on no charges being pursued all units cleared from the scene.