A Nation Ford High School student was charged last month with having a knife at school following an argument with a female classmate, according to a police report released this week.

   A teacher found the knife on the floor and outside the student’s backpack Jan. 23 while walking around and checking their work that morning. She confiscated the folding pocket knife. The 16-year-old student told a school resource officer that he didn’t know it was in his backpack until he was cleaning it out, a police report says.

  Officer D.W. Prescott asked the student how the knife got opened with the blade extended. The teen said it was in the open position when he removed it from the backpack.

   Officer Prescott then confronted the teen with evidence that disproved that statement, and the officer learned that the boy was having an argument with a female in class at the time the knife was found, a report says. 

   “(He) would not admit to opening the knife but did not deny it either,” the officer’s report says.

   The 16 year old was charged for having a “weapon on school grounds.” He was issued a Juvenile Summons, suspended from Nation Ford High School and released to his mother.

Note: The Fort Mill Sun has requested school reports from the Fort Mill Police Department, which often takes time as they must get them from the schools and redact juvenile information. We pass along newsworthy reports after the FMPD releases them.