Fort Mill High School field

Vandals caused damage at Fort Mill High School over the weekend, according to a police report.

   Officer D.S. Barfield responded Sunday afternoon to the school’s softball field and met with Assistant Principal Zachary Beam, who said they had discovered vandalism earlier in the day. 

   Multiple recess lights, an industrial flood light, and other items surrounding the softball field and band building were vandalized, the report said. At least eight recess lights were broken out and an industrial flood light was broken and pulled off a school building. 

   Oddly enough, a band teacher had stumbled upon a juvenile sweeping up some of the broken glass. The boy said he went to Indian Land Middle School and was visiting family nearby. He said he sometimes walks through campus to get to a friend’s house.

   “He saw he broken glass and thought someone needed to clean it up,” the police report said. 

   A high school dance and middle school wrestling match had been held on the property in the last two days, the report said.

Greg Rickabaugh

Greg "Ricky Bobby" Rickabaugh has lived in the Fort Mill and York County community since 2006. He has covered the area while a reporter for The Charlotte Observer and a freelance writer for The Fort Mill...