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Reader Question: Would you please do a story on the apparently completed but yet unopened new recycling center on the bypass?  Rumors are that the design has made it difficult for the hauling trucks to get in and out.  It was supposed to open in mid-October, then late October, now we’re being told they just don’t know. Sounds like something is up…..

Answer: Public Works Director Eric Rekitt told us Monday that the only thing stopping the trash and recycling site from opening on the Fort Mill Parkway is site lighting.  “The second that is done, we will open it,” he said. “We are waiting to hear from Duke Energy on the installation of the lighting. They are the site lighting provider.” 

He said Duke Energy promised today that they would get back to him with a date. Rekitt denied that hauling trucks’ access were causing the delay.

   The new recycling site replaces one closed back in 2016. It is located at the corner of West Hensley and Fort Mill Parkway.