Jamie Howell (York County Detention Center mugshot)

The man who rammed his vehicle into another person’s car last month outside Carmella’s Pizza in Fort Mill has finally been arrested, authorities said.

Jamie Wilson Howell, 56, injured three people and damaged two other vehicles when he used his vehicle as a weapon following an argument with one of the victims. One of the victims retrieved a weapon and pistol-whipped the suspect so he wouldn’t escape police.

Howell, of Rock Hill, was arrested Thursday. He is being held at the York County Jail on a $112,000 bond on three counts of assault & battery high & aggravated and two counts of malicious injury to property. (Story continues below.)

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   There was an argument Sept. 15 that led to Howell reportedly ramming his 2015 Dodge pickup truck into the other person’s car outside the pizza place on Highway 21, authorities said.

A 24-year-old Rock Hill man told officers that he was outside with his friends when Howell came outside and was belligerent toward him and his friends. When Howell went toward his vehicle, the victim got concerned and retrieved his gun from inside his car since he’s a concealed weapons carrier.

While the victim was inside his car, Howell intentionally drove his pickup truck into his parked car, striking several cars in the process. The victim and his friend Latravis Robinson were both struck by the parked vehicles that were pushed onto the sidewalk.

The victim then pointed his gun at Howell and told him not to move until police arrived.

“Howell stumbled out of his car and began walking away,” the sheriff’s report says. “(The victim) then followed after Mr. Howell and struck him in the back of the head with his pistol. Striking Mr. Howell also caused the gun to discharge.”

A deputy arrived moments later. The officer found victim Scott Silvia trapped between two vehicles in the wreck. Authorities were able to free the 47-year-old Fort Mill man.

Paramedics were called to treat multiple victims. The investigation was eventually turned over to detectives.

Howell was taken by ambulance to Piedmont Medical Center. Robinson, 23, of Fort Mill, was also hospitalized for evaluation. The victim was released and will not be charged, authorities said.