Daniel Turner is shown in this York County mugshot after his arrest for stealing beer at QuikTrip in Fort Mill. He had a felony warrant out of Georgia, too.

Score one for York County deputies.

With a rash of beer thieves hitting QuikTrip stores in Fort Mill, a deputy finally nabbed one in the act last week.

   Daniel Jamel Turner, 32, was charged with shoplifting and held for Georgia officials on an active felony warrant.

   Deputy C. Bucy was patrolling the store at 3282 Highway 21 early Wednesday when the officer saw a small white SUV on the back side of the gas station, with the engine running and the headlights on. It was 2 in the morning.

   “Due to prior investigations of beer theft, I suspected the vehicle could be waiting for a subject inside to be shoplifting,” the deputy said in their report. “As I approached the vehicle to make contact, the vehicle sped off. As the vehicle left, I observed a black male carrying three cases of beer begin to walk out the side door.”

   The thief spotted the officer and turned to go back inside. But Deputy Busy detained the man and confiscated the stolen beer: a case of Natural Light, an 18-pack of Heineken bottles and another 12-pack of Heineken bottles.

  A check on the suspect showed he was wanted out of Georgia on an active felony warrant, the report says.