File photo from Google images.

You think Scarowinds is shocking? Try being a visitor to the theme park and returning to find your vehicle vandalized.

   A North Carolina marine visiting the Fort Mill theme park told authorities that he returned to his truck Sept. 7 and found the passenger window busted out. The inside of the 2003 Ford pickup truck had been ransacked and a few items stolen, including a disc golf bag and a .45-caliber pistol.

   The York County deputy who responded to the call checked with Carowinds security to see if the cameras in the parking lot captured any video. By the end of his shift, no video had been located, the sheriff’s report says.

  The victim said he was told Carowinds didn’t have security cameras in the parking lot. Now, he is out $1,000 between the window replacement and the stolen items. 

   The Marine was visiting town from Cherry Point, where he is stationed. He said he may have been targeted since he had a Marine sticker on the car and a camouflage material on his seats. 

Latent prints were taken by deputies.