Weapons on campus? Bullying? Suicide or self-harm?

   There’s an app for that.

    School officials told parents Friday that they have implemented a new security system through CrisisGo. It’s a phone app that allows schools to address safety and security on campus.

   “Parents and students will have access to the app, allowing them to stay informed of safety risks, securely and anonymously report bullying or harassment, and do their part in improving safety within our district’s community,” Communications Officer Joe Burke told The Fort Mill Sun.

   Parents received instructions by email on Friday since they have to use a group ID code to subscribe to their child’s school. (See codes below.)

   The app is costing the district $1,000 per school each year, and staff members are getting training on it. But it’s worth it, Burke said.

Communications Officer Joe Burke says the new CrisisGo app allows parents and students to to stay informed of safety risks and securely and anonymously report bullying or harassment.

    “Our district now has a tip line where anyone can anonymously report concerns such as: weapons on campus, bullying, suicide or self-harm, and alcohol or drugs on campus,” Burke said. “Reports are routed to district administrators and the appropriate school site administrators to be investigated. The CrisisGo app also allows for anonymous two-way communication regarding a report.”

    The system provides staff with access to response plans, school maps, checklists, two-way communication with administration, class rosters and reporting. Security and administrators receive anonymous reports of potential issues through the tip-line feature and can address them quickly, Burke said.

   Is this Fort Mill’s response to the national issue of school shootings?

   “We are launching the new safety app CrisisGo to empower our staff to react more quickly and effectively to any emergency situation,” Burke said.

   To utilize the CrisisGo app, parents will need use a group ID code to subscribe to their child’s school. Individual codes are shown below along with tips for safety.