Mayor Guynn Savage, right, speaks with mayoral challenger Bret McNabb after Monday night's council meeting. (Photo by Greg Rickabaugh)

Seconds after Monday’s council meeting ended, Fort Mill Mayor Guynn Savage made a beeline for Bret McNabb in the audience.

She shook his hand and they embraced, and then they talked. It didn’t seem to matter that the Fort Mill attorney wants to unseat her as mayor.

“I was happy to see Mr. McNabb attend our meeting and then to meet him personally afterward,” the mayor told The Fort Mill Sun. “There are a tremendous number of issues that a municipality addresses and while some are more interesting than others, I applaud his staying to the end of a rather long meeting.”

McNabb said he welcomed the mayor’s handshake and embrace.

“She congratulated me on participating and was just very open and welcoming,” he said.

Mayor Savage told him she wanted the best for the community and thought he had a lot to offer. She even offered her help in any way he needed. McNabb said the mayor told him she was happy to see people engaged, which is needed to make the community a great place.

“I thanked her for the professionalism she has shown, and she thanked me for the respectful demeanor I have had in all the council meetings,” McNabb said. “It was very comforting to know that she and I both have only Fort Mill in mind. In running for this seat, however it turns out, I do hope that more people in our town find it accessible to become engaged and become a part in decision making and participate in how our community grows.”

Mayor Savage said that regardless of the outcome of the November election, she welcomes McNabb in his desire to serve the Fort Mill community.

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