The York County Sheriff’s Office handled at least four crime reports from Carowinds over the last week. Here they are:

   Security officials at Carowinds found marijuana in the bag of a Hilton Head woman who was visiting the Fort Mill park on Saturday.

   A sheriff’s report says the 28-year-old woman was found with marijuana and blotter paper during the screening process. Blotter paper is used to place narcotics on for ingestion.

   Security officials called deputies to hand over the drugs. The woman claimed she found the blotter paper and thought it was trash, so she picked it up and placed it in her bag. She said she forgot about it but didn’t know what it was, according to a sheriff’s report.

   Deputies ran a criminal history on the woman and found no prior drug convictions. The officer’s report said he would not be seeking criminal charges but would submit the seized items for destruction.

   “Carowinds gave suspect an ejection notice for a period of 5 years,” the report says.

Report: Carowinds Visitors Argue Over Parking Spot, Resulting in Flattened Tires

   A dispute over a Carowinds parking spot led to flattened tires Sunday, according to a sheriff’s report.

   The damage was reported by a couple visiting from Kernersville, N.C., the report says. The wife told deputies that they parked around lunchtime Sunday in the area of South Gate and Harbor Gate.

   They chose a spot that another driver was waiting on, and that driver approached them and started an argument.

   “The suspect leaned in the driver’s side window and threatened to slash her husband’s throat,” a sheriff’s report says. “The suspect also stated that he didn’t care if he went to jail, that at least he would have done something to go to jail over. Suspect also said he would get them back for taking the parking space.”

   The couple said the man appeared to take a photo of their vehicle with his phone. After the encounter, the North Carolina couple decided to park at a different location.

    When they returned to their vehicle at 4:15. p.m., they found both of their two front tires were flat. It appeared they had been slashed or punctured, the report says.

   Carowinds Security reviewed surveillance video and determined the suspect was responsible for damaging the victim’s tires. The deputy said he planned to obtain the video and see a magistrate in an attempt to get a warrant.

Little River Woman Reports Theft of Electronics While at Carowinds

   A Carowinds visitor reported the thefts of several electronics from her rental caravan while she was inside the park Monday.

    The woman said her and her children drove to Fort Mill from Little River in a 2018 Dodge Caravan and returned to the vehicle several times during the day. She said she didn’t notice anything missing until she returned home and discovered these items were gone: a Samsung Galaxy S7, a Samsung Galaxy S5, and an Apple iPod Pro. The items were worth nearly $1,500.

  She told deputies that she is not certain that the vehicle was locked due to her not being familiar with the rental vehicle.

Woman Reports Losing Purse & $800 Cash at Carowinds Security Check

   A Carowinds visitor from McCormick, S.C., told deputies that her purse was “misplaced” Saturday afternoon while coming through the entrance at South gate.

  The 27-year-old woman said her purse was inside of a backpack when security took it out. After that, she was unable to find it.

   The woman told deputies that she had $800 cash inside the purse, and the purse itself was valued at $100.

   “Carowinds security did an investigation,” but the woman also said she wanted to file a report with the York County Sheriff’s Office. The sheriff’s report said the case is closed.