A Fort Mill worker told deputies on Wednesday that he was robbed of his vehicle at gunpoint after leaving work along Lakemont Boulevard.

   The 37-year-old victim that it was 5 p.m. Wednesday when he was leaving the business at 3318 Lakemont Boulevard.

   “He was leaving work and saw six younger black males walking through the parking lot near his car,” a sheriff’s report says. “One of them approached him and asked if he would give them a ride to the Circle K. (He) stated that the kids looked harmless so he let them get into his car, and one got into the front seat and stuck a gun in his midsection and told him to get out.”

   The victim got out and ran, and all of the suspects got into the car and left the area. The worker couldn’t give a good description of the suspects, telling officers that he “was trying to get away so he didn’t really remember,” a report says.