Michael Rennie (FMPD photo)

A Fort Mill dad was arrested last week for allegedly grabbing his 10-year-old son by the throat and throwing him across a bedroom, according to a police report.

Michael Rennie 49, of Shannon Falls Drive, was charged last Thursday with unlawful conduct toward a child, and he was later released.

The Department of Social Services was also notified. The child suffered cuts to his wrist, and he also complained of his head hurting from striking something.

The victim told police that he heard his parents arguing about the house not being clean. After his father threw a bottle in the direction of his mother, the child attempted to go upstairs and call 911, a report says.

“Michael ran upstairs behind him and grabbed him by the neck with both hands near the doorway of his sister’s room,” a report says. “Michael lifted him up off his feet and threw him across the room.”

The boy told police that his right wrist struck the bed frame or dresser, and his head hit something.

The suspect’s wife told police that the argument escalated with both of them throwing items on the floor. She said she heard her husband run after their son, but she remained downstairs until she heard a thud and the boy screaming.

The suspect claimed that his son charged toward him, so he shoved the child back with both hands, causing the victim to fall.

DSS officials created a safety plan for the family before leaving the home.