Will Nation Ford & Fort Mill high schools get new band uniforms with excess revenues from the school system? (Photos courtesy of the bands' Facebook pages)

  New high-school band uniforms and middle-school bleachers are being considered with excess revenues available in the Fort Mill School District’s 2018-19 budget.

  School trustees on Tuesday heard a long list of possible wish-list items not funded in the regular budget.

  The district says it has roughly $2 million to put on a list of year-end items that could be purchased with the extra revenue, said Leanne Lordo, the district’s Assistant Superintendent of Finance & Operations.

  That includes new band uniforms for Fort Mill and Nation Ford high schools to be ordered for the 2020-2021 school year. Gold Hill and Fort Mill middle schools could also replace some aging bleachers.

   Another top-dollar item: a $476,000 district-wide radio system that would help the school system communicate better and more securely.

   “The other three York County districts have a similar system,” Lordo said. “This would completely (provide) a brand new radio system with the newest technology for safety.”

   Other items that are up for consideration:

   • Media Center purchases to add to library collections

   • Band instruments for the high schools

   • Funding for Classroom Mosaic, a customizable platform capable of implementing many of the processes that take place in schools and districts. 

   • Signage upgrades for both high schools

  • Classroom furniture and instructional materials for new teachers

    In a statement, Lordo said these projects and expenditures are not funded with recurring money through the approved general fund budget each year. 

  “At the end of each fiscal year, the district assesses any additional revenues that come in above projected amounts,” she said by email. “These revenues are generated by a higher than projected student enrollment for the current school year. Based on the amount of revenue, the district transfers funds into our contingency fund to maintain a roughly 18% operating reserve. Any funds remaining after that transfer are then considered for use with these types of projects or needs.”

   The complete finalized list will be shared with the board and public at the next meeting, she said.