In a sea of real estate advertisements and new subdivision posters, the Anne Springs Close Greenway signs stand out like a sore thumb.

“Not For Sale,” says one.

“This is Green Space,” says another.

So what’s the thinking behind the signs? It’s a public awareness campaign to educate the Fort Mill community about the Greenway, says Elizabeth M. Bowers, Communications & Guest Services Director.

“Particularly the scope of its physical footprint in Fort Mill and that its 2,100 acres are permanently protected under a conservation easement and can never be developed beyond low-impact recreation opportunities,” Bowers said by email. “In effect, the Greenway is ‘Not for Sale’ and the sequential sign campaign is meant to mimic the ubiquitous commercial and residential development signs that are spread throughout our growing community and that tout recreation amenities and green space as part of their allure.”

The campaign also coincides with April is Love the Greenway Month, which reminds neighbors that “the Greenway is an important asset to this community and that they should support the land we all love,” Bowers said.

“We encourage people to come visit and get close to nature,” she said.

How are people reacting to the signs? A few responses from Facebook:

• “When I saw them driving down 21, I laughed out loud and yelled ‘YESSSS!'”

• “I feel this marketing doesn’t have the best verbiage!”

• “They are also making a statement regarding the opposed and continued building. They are saying that they will never sell out to developers. That’s the take I got. Almost a slap to the powers that be that are allowing this absurd growth.”

• “When I read ‘Not For Sale,’ I wanted to add, ‘….Yet’”

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