York County Sheriff Kevin Tolson honored postal carrier Katrina Davis on Friday for helping an elderly Fort Mill woman who had fallen down outside in the cold, possibly saving the woman’s life.

In presenting her with a Citizen Commendation Award, the sheriff said Davis went “above and beyond the call on her route” on Jan. 14. That’s when the postal carrier heard an elderly resident yelling for help along Holbrook Road in Fort Mill, where Davis was running her route.

She heard the lady screaming, “Help! Help! Help!” So Davis drove her truck into the woman’s driveway, seeing dogs and thinking maybe the woman had been attacked by the animals. She found the resident outside, where she had been knocked down by the dogs. The victim couldn’t get up and had been laying on the ground for a couple of hours as the temperature reached around 40 degrees, according to the sheriff’s office.

Davis picked the woman up and took her into the house. She waited to make sure the woman was OK before resuming her mail route.

“I just did it from the heart,” Davis told the sheriff’s office. “I wasn’t expecting a reward or anything.”

On Friday, Sheriff Tolson gave her a Citizen Commendation Award. “Not everybody does this anymore in this day,” he said. “Nobody wants to get involved or do anything, and your heart told you to help this stranger.”

The sheriff said it was only the second public service award that he has given since he’s been in office.

(Photo/Video Credit: York County Sheriff’s Office, Trent Faris)

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